Toasty hands and happy knitting


Its so good to finish a knitty project. Its even better for it to be for myself. And its great that it didn’t take months to do.


This time I’ve finished handwarmers/fingerless gloves. Its the second time I’ve knitted this pattern which I found in an old Mollie Makes. First time round was really a tester but I loved those too.


This time I used homespun. The yarn is a lovely mix of red with some angelina fibres in it to give a hint of sparkle and its plied with plain red to bulk it up. I’ve got a feeling the fibre came from a sale bin but the hotchpotch turned into a lovely colour.


I’m not very confident with matching homespun to patterns. Of course doing a swatch is the right thing to help with that and… it did! I changed needle sizes and off I went.


Working with 4 dpns is fine when you get going. So, each glove grew gradually.


And finally, having rounded the thumbs, were finished, nearly matching and unique!