Taking Stock in July

I still like the idea from Pip Lincolne’s blog of taking stock so I’m doing it again, not so long since the last time.

Making: still making the giant Granny Square blanket
Cooking: fruity and nutty flapjack
Drinking: a coffee
Reading: Bruce Chatwin, What Am I Doing Here
Wanting: to shake off this bug
Looking: at blipfoto
Wishing: to shake off this bug
Enjoying: rain on summer flowers
Liking: a bit of spinning
Wondering: what’s for
Pondering: a few dyeing ideas
Listening: to the
Buying: nothing!
Watching: Koyaaniskatsi
Hoping: humanitarian aid gets into Aleppo
Marvelling: at humanitarian aid workers
Needing: a holiday
Smelling: flapjack
Wearing: Comfy clothes
Following: Pip Lincolne’s blog
Noticing: the weeds
Thinking: how time flies
Admiring: people who travel
Giggling: at Radio 4 Extra comedy hour
Feeling: a lot better
Hearing: trains
Mixing: colours on my crochet
Slicing: flapjack
Celebrating: the weekend
Embracing: the warmth of the sun

What are you up to?




I’ve just wound up this project. I’ve been playing with a large crochet hook (9mm) and multiple fine yarns on cones which I was kindly given. Its been hard work crocheting such a number of yarns at once so, having reached a diameter of about 30cm, I’ve given up.

I’m going to rethink what I can do with the yarn and my chunky hook!

I didn’t know a the outset what the outcome would be and now I think its most likely to be a table mat. Anyway, despite the hard work, I like the resultant combination of colours so now I just need to find it a home.

Here’s the whole thing…

whole experiment


I started this year determined to finish some of my WIPs. I’ve done a few but have now ground to a halt, but probably only because I’ve got into new things which always spark my attention.

Anyway, back in April (yes, I should have blogged it before now,) I finally finished a tweed cushion. Its covered in applique flowers with free machine embroidery.

tweed allium

First, I built up the layers for the flowers and decided on their placement. This allium (above) has three layers. Placement was really difficult and in hindsight I’d rearrange them a bit but I’m really pleased with the results anyway.

The small, starburst flowers were the simplest with random stitching radiating from the centres.

tweed flowers

Selecting embroidery thread colours wasn’t simple. I wanted to keep a limited palette and tied it to the colours of the tweed discs that make up the flowers. Contrasting colours were most effective but didn’t work with all the fabric combinations in the flowers.  I worked with that and varied them as I went along. These three layer flowers have two colour detail.

tweed flowers2

Some of my favourites are these sunflowers, they have a lot of stitching which really stiffens the fabric.

tweed sunflower

The final cushion has different sides, alliums featuring on one…

tweed cushion

and the large sunflowers, the other…

tweed cushion2

Taking stock

Its been a while, so I thought I’d take a leaf out of Pip Lincolne’s blog and using her list, take stock. It seems like a good way to get back into the swing of blogging. I hope I can make it to the end of this very long list!

Making : Lots of things but mainly a giant granny square blanket
Cooking : Banana and out muffins
Drinking : Lady Grey tea
Reading: I’ve just finished “The girl on the train” by Paula Hawkins
Wanting: A holiday
Looking: at things about weaving
Playing: Spider solitaire
Deciding: If I have the energy to deal with an avocado
Wishing: I could shake off this bug
Enjoying: The occasional homegrown strawberry before the slugs and birds
Waiting: For this bug to go
Liking: The lush summer green
Wondering: How many more crochet rounds to go
Loving: Woolfest
Pondering: How important Europe is
Watching: Young goldfinches learning to fend for themselves
Hoping: It doesn’t come to leaving Europe
Marvelling: At people who have adventures
Cringing: at politics
Needing: To shake off this bug
Smelling: Lemon geranium
Wearing: Comfy clothes
Following: Lots of blogs
Noticing: The weeds
Knowing: Too little
Thinking: The goldfinches have an amazing song
Admiring: People with energy
Getting: Sick of this bug
Bookmarking: Book Resist Tutorial by Teri Berry
Coveting: An ice cream maker
Disliking: Brexit
Feeling: Off colour
Snacking: The odd biscuit
Hearing: Somone’s stihl saw breaking the tranquility
Mixing: Yarns into crochet
Worrying: Its not helpful, don’t do it
Celebrating: Felty things
Winning: At least something on the Euro sweepstake
Sneaking: A new blog entry between coughs
Embracing: Cycling

What are you up to?