I started this year determined to finish some of my WIPs. I’ve done a few but have now ground to a halt, but probably only because I’ve got into new things which always spark my attention.

Anyway, back in April (yes, I should have blogged it before now,) I finally finished a tweed cushion. Its covered in applique flowers with free machine embroidery.

tweed allium

First, I built up the layers for the flowers and decided on their placement. This allium (above) has three layers. Placement was really difficult and in hindsight I’d rearrange them a bit but I’m really pleased with the results anyway.

The small, starburst flowers were the simplest with random stitching radiating from the centres.

tweed flowers

Selecting embroidery thread colours wasn’t simple. I wanted to keep a limited palette and tied it to the colours of the tweed discs that make up the flowers. Contrasting colours were most effective but didn’t work with all the fabric combinations in the flowers.  I worked with that and varied them as I went along. These three layer flowers have two colour detail.

tweed flowers2

Some of my favourites are these sunflowers, they have a lot of stitching which really stiffens the fabric.

tweed sunflower

The final cushion has different sides, alliums featuring on one…

tweed cushion

and the large sunflowers, the other…

tweed cushion2

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