Long time spinning

Over a year ago, I’m not sure when, I finally raided the wool stash for some smelly, matted so-called clean Jacob that I’d bought many a Woolfest ago. It was time to deal with it. What’s more I’d got a new carder 🙂 to play with.

So it had a bath, and sat outside soaking, and another and another and I drained it on the lawn. I was amazed how it grew in volume when allowed to and very pleased the much improved smell.

Then the carder took it to task. At this point I started to get disappointed, it was very neppy. Carding didn’t seem to do much with it. Of course carding also blended the pale, faded and gingery brown tones.


And then it sat again, until this summer and I started to get UFO crazy and determined to finish something off. So I started spinning…


And now its done, still neppy, quite felty, but lovely and soft. Now, what to do with it…

jacob yarn

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