Going freeform

I’ve just finished my latest crochet project. But, this time its a bit different.

Our craft group recently had a class led by a lovely spinner, crocheter, felter and multi-talented lady. She inspired us to learn freeform crochet and it was great fun. Basically, anything goes.

Typically, I was determined to finish off such an interesting project and though it has taken a few months, its finally done. Well, the freeform part anyway!

I loved the way with freeform crochet anything goes. I combined lots of different shapes (stars, spirals, blocks), stitches (bullion(!), trebles, doubles) and then went really off piste and combined patches of knitting and felting.


I was up-cycling old tapestry yarns and the colours were rather random but I kept bright colours for sea creatures, and greens and blues for the water/background.


It kept on growing like an amorphous mass so I eventually took a tip from our tutor/inspirer and made a template, stuck to it and filled in the gaps.

Ultimately, it may be a cushion, but for now, I’m really pleased with my rock pool!


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