Mull in spring

I love Mull in spring. This April/May I enjoyed 2 weeks there. Staying on the edge of the island; soaking up four seasons of weather, wild birds, animals and plants; watching the waves; absorbing the sunsets and wide skies. Most of all being still and restful. Here are a few of my observations…

A day trip to Iona makes a full day out and a lot of driving on the small roads of Mull. However, the scenery is stunning and the colours of SW Mull and Iona are beautiful…

There’s something about being by the sea that is exhilarating. Watching calms and as you observe it opens its secrets of bird life, islands and passing boats…

What else did I love? Well, the herdy sheep, the colours of Tobermory, the entrancing Mishnish lochs, the brocken spectre/sundog, and the big dark night sky all stars and moonlight…

And I have to mention the sunsets, difficult to capture in camera but always beautiful…

…till next time…


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