Is it me or is plastic the hot environmental topic of the year? Not before time!


First of all it was plastic beads – I’ve mentioned that in a previous blog. I also mentioned “paper” cups in the context of plastic swapping – these less than innocent products and containly a plastic layer between the paper! I stopped getting take outs, even changing coffee shop when they were having a crockery crisis one day but have to confess to have one emergency take-out coffee… baby steps…


Next we had the cauliflower steak embarrassment, not to mention coconuts – we don’t need half as much plastic wrapping – in fact I’m fed up of seeing windows on food boxes – I don’t need them.

And then the news swiftly moved on (as it does) to tea bags – are no beverages safe!? – I tried to buy loose tea but even that had plastic inside the box!!

At least there are some positive new stories; this one talks about alternatives and more about the new Lego pieces here.

I heard an interesting news article about what the supermarkets are doing to get rid of plastic packaging – this seems to be the web article to go with it. Can’t they do more??


So, how about this website for a few, well 100 actually, ideas for avoiding plastic? How many do you do? How many can you do?! I might just write a list with a fountain pen…