On a rainy day I took a look at some patterns around me…




March Made

Cross-less buns, mince pies (are not just for Christmas), crocheting t-shirt yarn, spun yarn, nuno felt, protest hat – it didn’t seem that busy!

In the bag

fabricOur craft group recently had a very popular session making bags/purses with traditional clasp tops. Several people enjoyed it so much, they kept making them and still are. My version was a slight twist on the pattern as ususal I like to add my own twist…


In my stash I had a piece of furnishing fabric picked up from one of my crafty friends – they had a stash sort out and I couldn’t pass it by! This project suited it well, its a little bit glam and has a bold pattern; I took the motif as a basis for the shape of the bag.

Now, I just need the occasion….


Making waves

Since Christmas I’ve been working on a new weaving project. Its been my most ambitious weaving yet but really enjoyable. It combines my ambitions for crafts and recycling.

For the warp I used some lovely linen yarn; its strong and makes bold lines though the weaving. For the weft, I upcycled a load of old t-shirts from my stash and cut them into long strips.

I started without knowing what the colour theme would be but looking at the colours the blues, greens and greys stood out. They reminded me of the colours of the sea in moody light and the bright orange and whites were like highlights on the waves of white horses and the reflected sunset. So the theme was born – a seascape.

I love the mix of colours, textures and patterns. Some of the t-shirts were printed – these patterns sometimes show though as different colours, sometimes are hidden and the background colour is seen. The weft is woven with random lengths like the changes of light on the sea.

And so, for the ta-dah moment, a fabulous rug…



I’ve found a solution to yesterday’s problem. Yeh! Yes, it involved buying more wool but the yarn is in plentiful supply so I only bought three balls and will go back for more if the colours and weight work well together. The three balls are different colour ways which hopefully will be similar to the colours I’ve used so far. The next challenge is to blend them all together! Watch this space…


Making waves


I’m just listening to a programme about good ideas for tv shows. Its a bit like a Dragon’s Den of ideas but without the dragons and people with products. Anyway, after talking about all the recent good shows, the best ideas they could come up with are pretty lame. Why is this relevant? Well, its a bit like my idea of a craft project for the week. I really fancied doing some wavy crochet (ripple pattern), and I really fancied a scarf/wrap thing and I really fancied using up some of my stash. Anyway, it turns out my good idea has shortcomings. It took about four goes for me to get the pattern right (my fault for not noting it down correctly) when I eventually went back to the original pattern and mastered it, (and it looks quite good) I realised that I’ve got less than a third of the yarn I need. Hmm, and its discontinued, and I’ve not got enough of alternatives. Hmm, back to the drawing board, or shops, so much for a stash busting holiday project.
Think I’ll find another project…

Quite finished quilt

Unbelievably, I’ve finished my quilt. I’m so, pleased. Many moons ago I read an article about making a quilt in a weekend. Ha! I can do that I thought. I can do a random pattern of stripes, use up all (ha) my scraps, make it look like a sea and do wavy free form quilting.

Well, it kind of meets that expectation except, most definitely the weekend bit! I know its been a while because the photographic evidence goes back 18 months and they weren’t taken when I started. I feels like four years but lets just settle for somewhere in the middle.

Anyway, here it is…

Raw edges and stitching in progress.

raw edges q

Work in progress, detail of strips, up-cycled fabrics including the odd remaining button…

detail q

detail q2

And the finished item folded…

finished q folded

Rear view, made in giant log cabin pattern…

finished q back

And the right side…

finished q

Phew! All done and very satisfying. Light weight and perfect for a spring/autumn boost.