Self nurturing


Doesn’t that sound indulgent?

But, I think, I’m getting to understand its value.

Making space for me, being creative, reading, being cosy.

The other time gets things done, pays the bills, turns the handle, is shared with and given to others.

Self nurturing keeps things level.


The world, her husband, children, dogs and friends

busy beach

I love the ozone, the crashing of waves, the churning of sand, the wind, the open space. I love the clear skies of winter sun. So, before its set, I set off for a bracing walk at the beach. It would be quiet, its winter.

Did I miss something or are my thoughts exactly the same as everyone else? So much for individuality. I’ve never seen the car park so busy, never mind in December!

Anyway, there is space for all. No wind shelters or sand castles, just windswept walkers, energetic dogs, hardy kayakers and surfers. And pebbles and shells and waves and ozone and me.