Enjoying learning fairisle knitting – colours, combinations, what does and doesn’t work.



I’ve just wound up this project. I’ve been playing with a large crochet hook (9mm) and multiple fine yarns on cones which I was kindly given. Its been hard work crocheting such a number of yarns at once so, having reached a diameter of about 30cm, I’ve given up.

I’m going to rethink what I can do with the yarn and my chunky hook!

I didn’t know a the outset what the outcome would be and now I think its most likely to be a table mat. Anyway, despite the hard work, I like the resultant combination of colours so now I just need to find it a home.

Here’s the whole thing…

whole experiment

Spots before my eyes

green spot

What a fun project! Inspired by an article in Stitch magazine, I’ve made a spotty textile panel.

It is constructed from a sandwich of purple felt; purple voile; circles of a variety of fabrics; and black net.


I chose a wide selection of fabrics for my circles: printed cotton, hand dyed cotton velvet, pvc, something tweedy, plain cotton, unknown red shiny furnishing fabric and silk.

Having secured the circles in place, I used a variety of complementary and contrasting thread to machine embroider around the circles and onto the background.

swing across spots

The fun came with the reveal after cutting away the net from the circles of fabric and some on the background to expose lovely circles of differing colours, textures and sizes.

The piece is finished and yet, still a work in progress! until I decide what to make with it…

spots reveal