March Made

Cross-less buns, mince pies (are not just for Christmas), crocheting t-shirt yarn, spun yarn, nuno felt, protest hat – it didn’t seem that busy!

Taking Stock in July

I still like the idea from Pip Lincolne’s blog of taking stock so I’m doing it again, not so long since the last time.

Making: still making the giant Granny Square blanket
Cooking: fruity and nutty flapjack
Drinking: a coffee
Reading: Bruce Chatwin, What Am I Doing Here
Wanting: to shake off this bug
Looking: at blipfoto
Wishing: to shake off this bug
Enjoying: rain on summer flowers
Liking: a bit of spinning
Wondering: what’s for
Pondering: a few dyeing ideas
Listening: to the
Buying: nothing!
Watching: Koyaaniskatsi
Hoping: humanitarian aid gets into Aleppo
Marvelling: at humanitarian aid workers
Needing: a holiday
Smelling: flapjack
Wearing: Comfy clothes
Following: Pip Lincolne’s blog
Noticing: the weeds
Thinking: how time flies
Admiring: people who travel
Giggling: at Radio 4 Extra comedy hour
Feeling: a lot better
Hearing: trains
Mixing: colours on my crochet
Slicing: flapjack
Celebrating: the weekend
Embracing: the warmth of the sun

What are you up to?


Taking stock

Its been a while, so I thought I’d take a leaf out of Pip Lincolne’s blog and using her list, take stock. It seems like a good way to get back into the swing of blogging. I hope I can make it to the end of this very long list!

Making : Lots of things but mainly a giant granny square blanket
Cooking : Banana and out muffins
Drinking : Lady Grey tea
Reading: I’ve just finished “The girl on the train” by Paula Hawkins
Wanting: A holiday
Looking: at things about weaving
Playing: Spider solitaire
Deciding: If I have the energy to deal with an avocado
Wishing: I could shake off this bug
Enjoying: The occasional homegrown strawberry before the slugs and birds
Waiting: For this bug to go
Liking: The lush summer green
Wondering: How many more crochet rounds to go
Loving: Woolfest
Pondering: How important Europe is
Watching: Young goldfinches learning to fend for themselves
Hoping: It doesn’t come to leaving Europe
Marvelling: At people who have adventures
Cringing: at politics
Needing: To shake off this bug
Smelling: Lemon geranium
Wearing: Comfy clothes
Following: Lots of blogs
Noticing: The weeds
Knowing: Too little
Thinking: The goldfinches have an amazing song
Admiring: People with energy
Getting: Sick of this bug
Bookmarking: Book Resist Tutorial by Teri Berry
Coveting: An ice cream maker
Disliking: Brexit
Feeling: Off colour
Snacking: The odd biscuit
Hearing: Somone’s stihl saw breaking the tranquility
Mixing: Yarns into crochet
Worrying: Its not helpful, don’t do it
Celebrating: Felty things
Winning: At least something on the Euro sweepstake
Sneaking: A new blog entry between coughs
Embracing: Cycling

What are you up to?