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Company of friends

Lichen crochet


March Made

Cross-less buns, mince pies (are not just for Christmas), crocheting t-shirt yarn, spun yarn, nuno felt, protest hat – it didn’t seem that busy!


I’ve found a solution to yesterday’s problem. Yeh! Yes, it involved buying more wool but the yarn is in plentiful supply so I only bought three balls and will go back for more if the colours and weight work well together. The three balls are different colour ways which hopefully will be similar to the colours I’ve used so far. The next challenge is to blend them all together! Watch this space…


Making waves


I’m just listening to a programme about good ideas for tv shows. Its a bit like a Dragon’s Den of ideas but without the dragons and people with products. Anyway, after talking about all the recent good shows, the best ideas they could come up with are pretty lame. Why is this relevant? Well, its a bit like my idea of a craft project for the week. I really fancied doing some wavy crochet (ripple pattern), and I really fancied a scarf/wrap thing and I really fancied using up some of my stash. Anyway, it turns out my good idea has shortcomings. It took about four goes for me to get the pattern right (my fault for not noting it down correctly) when I eventually went back to the original pattern and mastered it, (and it looks quite good) I realised that I’ve got less than a third of the yarn I need. Hmm, and its discontinued, and I’ve not got enough of alternatives. Hmm, back to the drawing board, or shops, so much for a stash busting holiday project.
Think I’ll find another project…